Quartier de l’Etang

The French studio DPA (Dominique Perrault Arctitecture) presents the redevelopment of an entire district in Geneva, what had been conceived as an accumulation of constraints and annoyances, is reflected in prestige by demonstrating that the site offers on the contrary a strong potential to host a mix of activities, from commercial spaces and housing lots, rewriting the rules of the urban jersey.
Attustudio took care to make the intentions and the design concept usable by means of a video animation that would allow the site to be compared in an unequivocal way. Through video shooting and the motion tracking technique it was possible to insert the project in the real context thus allowing citizens, to whom the site was presented, to full undestand functionality and magnificence.
The Etang district is a project of urban redevelopment of an industrial area in Geneva. Located on the border between three municipalities in the direction of the airport, the project creates a new center for Meyrin. The video was conceived as a system on three large screens placed in an old industrial building in the middle of the project. The story is divided into two parts: accesses in the area in which real and virtual shots are composed together; the core of the area in which there are aggregation spaces and facades of buildings.

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